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Musicians using our instruments

Claas Harders - music and fairy tails

Since 1994 Anne Benjes und Claas-B. Harders have successfully performed with their program of fairy tails from all over the world and music on the viola da gamba.

Fretwork - viol consort

Fretwork plays on four renaissance viols based on a Fransesco Linarol viol from Henner Harders. Listen to them on their CDs "Harmonice Musices Odhecaton", "Im Maien" and "Agricola: Chansons"

Erin Headley - Lirone: Tirami Su, Tragicomedia, Atalante

Erin Headley’s new group Atalante is named in honour of Leonardo da Vinci’s friend and pupil Atalante Migliorotti, inventor of the lirone. That magic and ethereal bowed instrument has been Erin Headley’s domain for the past 30 years through an astonishing number of performances and recordings that have been acclaimed worldwide.

Erin plays on a Lirone made by me based on the Brensius instrument in Leipzig.

Phantasm - viol consort

Jörg Meder - viola da gamba + Violone

Jörg is using two instruments made by us,
- a 6-string bass viol after P. Maggini
- a Violone after Maggini

edition baroque

a young publisher in early music editions


ORLANDOviols is a viol consort, inspired by the historical context of consort music but also by the sounds of our modern communication society.

Annalisa Pappano

Annalisa is playing on a lirone made by us based on the Antonius Brensius instrument from 1592.

Viola da gamba societies

Viola da gamba Society - Germany, Austria + Switzerland

Viola da gamba Society of Great Britain

Other makers

Helen Michetschläger - violin maker

Jobst Harders - baroque flutes

Kingham MTM Case Co. - made to measure cases

David Van Zandt - violin maker, makers list

Bernhard Zanders - violin maker, Hinsbeck / Nettetal


How to make a veneered fingerboard
Have you ever tried to make a baroque fingerboard and when it came to veneering it the veneer always cracked?

List of the instrument we make

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