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Baroque viols
Renaissance viols
Lira da gamba / Lirone
Viola d'amore
Violins, Violas, Cellos

medium sized treble viol
thicknessing the back bending the ribs glueing the ribs the finished rib structure cutting the purfling ornament on the back making the break

Small treble viol
Front view of Jaye treble Front view of Jaye treble Front view of Jaye treble Rear view of Jaye treble Purfling ornament on back of Jaye treble Detail of soundhole Soundholes on Jaye treble Fools head for Jaye treble Rear view of fools head Fools head for Jaye treble

big treble viol
big Jaye treble 5-piece striped back, plum and sycamore front with rose relief carving on back of pegbox made from service tree front view of open scroll with relief carving rose made from plum and pergament a plainer version of the same instrument the plainer version again rear view of the plainer version just the body, frot view treble 2007, the body of the treble 2007 the striped back 5-piece back looking on to the bridge side view of treble 2007 relief carved scroll in plum

Tenor viol
Relief carving on Jaye tenor Jaye tenor Bridge after an old english model Relief carving on Jaye tenor tenor with 2 piece bent front, 2003 back of tenor tenor 2003 tenor 2003

Bass viol, 6–string
Front view of Barak Norman model Pierced scroll Ornament on the belly Back with ribs, belly and neck before being assembled

6-string bass viol

Consort bass viol
consort bass after H. Jaye 1621 purfling ornament on consort bass head on consort bass side view of head on consort bass rear view of head on consort bass side view of head on consort bass body of consort bass side view of body Consort bass, Colin Shipman Ornament on the front another Jaye head

italien 6-string bass viol
Maggini viol Maggini scroll rib structure on the mould back glued on to ribs Maggini scroll, first stages of making maggini scroll pergament rose, slightly altered cutting the rose from thick pergament thicknessing the front Maggini viol, ready to be varnished Maggini viol body of Maggini viol bridge after a Stradivarius bridge

small 7-string bass viol
front view female head front female head back from flamed birch detail of soundholes

7-string bass viol
Front view of Colichon body of Colichon Small Colichon Back view of Colichon Detail Soundhole Head on a small Colichon Head on a small Colichon Head on a small Colichon another Colichon, this time with the ornament of the big Colichon 1691 ribs and back from flamed walnut an elegant scroll also fits this instrument!

7-string bass viol

7-string bass viol
big Colichon Rear view big Colichon big Colichon Faun Faun Colichon, frontal view back in amerk. cherry french womans head on Colichon female head with pegbox, sideview body of Colichon 4-piece back in cherry detail of neck heel japanese dragon head another version with a lions head another flamed walnut back

Front view violone Rear view violone scroll of violone bridge of violone
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