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7-string bass viol

after Michel Colichon, Paris 1689

This instrument is based on the 1689 Colichon from the collection Grumbt in Witten. It is slightly smaller than the 1691 Colichon and bigger than the Paris Colichon from 1683.

I find this instrument very elegant and a good size.

body length 69.5 cm, string length 70.8 cm

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Claas B. Harders - Viola da gamba

Marin Marais - Prélude en harpegement

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For this live recording Claas is using his Colichon copy

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Marais - l'Arabesque

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Silke Strauf + Claas B.- Harders

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J. S. Bach, Goldberg Variationen

Silke and Claas with their own arrangement of the famous Goldberg-Variations for two bass viols. Recorded for the label

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