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big Colichon
Rear view big Colichon

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7-string bass viol

after Michel Colichon, Paris 1691

The original of this big Colichon has a flamed walnut back, ribs from fruitwood and a painted ornament and purfling on the 5-piece bent front. It has no purfling on the back, as seems normal on French viols. The original 'pirate' head sits on a new neck and pegbox.

Body length 70.8 cm, string length ca. 72 cm.

more photos:

big Colichon Faun Faun Colichon, frontal view back in amerk. cherry french womans head on Colichon female head with pegbox, sideview body of Colichon 4-piece back in cherry detail of neck heel japanese dragon head another version with a lions head another flamed walnut back

audio samples:

Claas B. Harders - Viola da gamba

Marin Marais - Prélude en harpegement

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For this live recording Claas is using his Colichon copy

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Marais - l'Arabesque

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