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Front view of Colichon
body of Colichon

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7-string bass viol

after Michel Colichon, Paris 1683

You will find the original of this instrument in the Cité de la Musique Museum in Paris. Apart from the tailpiece, bridge and pegs it is otherwise completely original. The body of this viol, as well as those of two other Colichon viols from 1687 and 1688, is made entirely from a type of mahogany (even the 5 piece bent front).

This model I recommend as being very versatile. It sounds full and carries well.

Body length 66.8 cm, string length ca. 70 cm.

more photos:

Small Colichon Back view of Colichon Detail Soundhole Head on a small Colichon Head on a small Colichon Head on a small Colichon another Colichon, this time with the ornament of the big Colichon 1691 ribs and back from flamed walnut an elegant scroll also fits this instrument!

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