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big Jaye treble
5-piece striped back, plum and sycamore

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big treble viol

after Henry Jaye

The original of this instrument had been converted into a viola and lost it's original pegbox and neck on the way. During a recent restoration the cut down ribs were built up again to their original height, the rose was opened up and a new neck was made from plum with the help of measurements and shape taken from other Jaye instruments which still have their original neck.

body length 40 cm, string length about 40 cm

more photos:

front with rose relief carving on back of pegbox made from service tree front view of open scroll with relief carving rose made from plum and pergament a plainer version of the same instrument the plainer version again rear view of the plainer version just the body, frot view treble 2007, the body of the treble 2007 the striped back 5-piece back looking on to the bridge side view of treble 2007 relief carved scroll in plum

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