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Front view of Barak Norman model
Pierced scroll

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Bass viol, 6–string

after Barak Norman, London 1692

I measured the original at Sotheby’s in 1989. It is highly decorated like so many Barak Norman instruments.

My instrument has a scroll that is pierced from two directions and is a copy of a Norman viol in the Museum Preußischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin. The 3-piece front and the 3-piece back have ornamental purfling and the fingerboard and tailpiece are veneered with marquetry.

The instrument speaks easily and projects very well.

body length 63.4 cm, string length ca. 67 cm.

This is a rather small instrument and not necessarily suitable as your one and only everyday 6-string bass viol for continuo playing etc. I would recommend and build a larger instrument that can deliver the required warmer bass and volume. Some of the possible options I have gathered in the instruments list, which you will find under infos. Other models are always possible on request.

more photos:

Ornament on the belly Back with ribs, belly and neck before being assembled

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