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front view lirone
rear view of lirone, cherry

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Lira da gamba / Lirone

based on Antonius Brensius 1592

The lira da gamba is a continuo instrument, which was especially used for accompanying voices at the time of Monteverdi. It has a very flat bridge for bowing 3-5 strings at once.

My Lirone is based on an instrument by Antonius Brensius, Bologna 1592, which is in the Musikinstrumentenmuseum in Leipzig. This instrument I find ideal as a starting point for a Lirone because of its wide, but short, body. I arrived at a string length of ca. 54 cm by examining the remains of another Lirone, which is in the same museum. I make the instrument with between 13–16 strings, according to personal preference.

Body length 62.8 cm, string length ca. 54cm.

' Henner's is the fourth lirone that I have owned over the past 20 years and it is definitely the most beautiful and flexible one that I have ever played; it easily responds to all variations of pressure and bowspeed, making the mesa di voce, the esclamazione, the pian piano and all other nuances effortless and three-dimensional. Especially unique to this instrument is its 'throaty' quality, as if it has a real voice, something that is essential for an instrument whose main role is to accompany singers.' (Erin Headley)

more photos:

side view 2 of my lirones relief carving on lirone pegbox front view lirone detail of soundholes and bridge lirone pegbox lirone Nr. 5 detail of latest lirone Lirone Nr. 8 back of lirone Nr. 8 detail front pegbox Nr. 8

audio samples:

Awake, O North Wind

German Music from Schütz to Buxtehude

Listen to
Tirami Su - Erin Headley

A short sample from the new Tirami Su CD with Erin Headley playing on a 14-string Lirone made by Henner Harders after Antonius Brensius 1592.

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Benedetto Ferrari

Madrigale e Canzonette

Listen to
Ensemble Incantato

Mona Spägele, Hubert Hoffmann, Matthias Müller-Mohr, Detlef Bratschke

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Ensemble 'Anima Pellegrine'

Listen to
Giovanni Rovetta, La bel Erminia

Christoph Burmester - Tenor
Claas B. Harders - Lirone
Andreas Arend - Chitarrone

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La beata Orlanda

Listen to
Giovanni Antonio Pandolphi Mealli
Sonata la Stella

Claudia Hoffmann - Baroque violin
Thorsten Bleich - Chitarrone
Matthias Müller-Mohr - Lirone

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Chiarra Margarita Cozzolani

Listen to
Orlando di Lasso Ensemble
Director: Detlef Bratschke

from Salmi a otto voci concertati (1650)

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