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Front view of Jaye treble
Front view of Jaye treble

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Small treble viol

after Henry Jaye, Southwark ca. 1620

The original of this very small instrument (body length 33 cm) I found in the Musical Instrument Museum in Leipzig. It still has its original neck and tailpin. The remains of the old fingerboard are also visible under the modern replacement. Other features are: a big, round rose, double purfling on the bent front and on the back and ornamental purfling on back and ribs.

The head and pegbox, as well as the wood and the varnish, show a close resemblance to the 1619 Jaye bass.

There is another small treble by Jaye with the same body dimensions; unfortunately it misses its original neck and pegbox.

Body length 33 cm, string length ca. 34.5 cm.

This is only one example for a treble. I also build the same model with a slightly larger body of 36 cm, which gives the instrument a string lenght of ca. 37.5 cm.

The largest treble I can offer is based on another instrument of Henry Jaye with a bodylength of 40 cm and a stringlength of just over 40 cm. The original to this instrument has plum ribs and 5-piece striped back of plum and curly maple. It has a round rose and is double purfled on front, ribs and back. Unfortunately the original neck has been lost when it was at one stage turned into a viola by cutting down the ribs etc.

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Front view of Jaye treble Rear view of Jaye treble Purfling ornament on back of Jaye treble Detail of soundhole Soundholes on Jaye treble Fools head for Jaye treble Rear view of fools head Fools head for Jaye treble

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